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Disk Jockey's can mix an broad range of genres of music to suit your taste, from classical, old school, pop, spanish, rock, hip-hop and Top 40 hits 

( Audio Only )

Branding Development



Business Cards


Vehicle Wraps & Decals

Business Cards

Flyers & Menus

Posters & Stickers

Wedding Invites

Vehecial Wraps & Decals

Party Packages & Rates

T.V. Monitors & Truss Stands

Projectors & Screens

Table Facade

Wall Up lighting: Match the color of your theme

Intelligent Moving Heads & Gobos

Business Plan & Management

Marketing & Strategy 


​Content Design & Creation

Equipment Rentals

Package Rates Do Not Include Certificate of Insurance* or Cost of Transportation*, Toll* Parking Fees* or Additional Equipment or Service Such as A Master of Ceremonies (MC) *

Tego Racer 

Digital Design Artist

Video Jockey

Video Jockey's can blend Music Videos on the fly live.  Visual and Audio Experience at it's best. ( Audio & Visual )


Disk Jockey

Brand Development

  • 7:28

Enhance your event space with intelligent uplighting to the color of your choice. 



Pro Audio, Mixer,

Powered Speakers:

Suitable for small to large spaces

Turntables (analog,digital)

Audio Controllers ( digital mixer and turntable)

Projectors & Screens

lighting & FX (smoke machine)

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